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Welcome to the Virtual Spiritual Fitness Center
Many Soldiers, Family members and DA civilians are seeking spiritual direction yet do not know where to obtain the needed guidance. This website seeks to provide that help and guidance. Just click on the drop down menu's above to get started on your spiritual fitness. 

The overarching goal is to have individuals active in their own faith journey leading to spiritual fitness and ultimately to a comprehensive fitness for Soldiers, Family members, and DA civilians.  


PewForum News

Boston Globe: Pope’s bold resignation began Vatican year of change

11.02.2014 07:13 by via PewForum Feed (


AP: Drag queen’s speech fuels Irish gay rights debate

11.02.2014 07:12 by via PewForum Feed (


New Yorker: Bigger than Phil

11.02.2014 07:10 by via PewForum Feed (


Reuters: Idaho’s top court grants adoptive rights to spouse in gay marriage

11.02.2014 07:05 by via PewForum Feed (


Russians Return to Religion, But Not to Church

10.02.2014 09:20 by via PewForum Feed (

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, there has been an upsurge in affiliation with Orthodox Christianity in Russia. Between 1991 and 2008, the share of Russian adults identifying as Orthodox Christian rose from 31% to 72%, according to data from the International Social Survey Programme. During the same period, the share of Russia’s population that does not identify with any religion dropped from 61% to 18%.


Huff. Post: Religious minorities in Islamic Pakistan struggle but survive amid increasing persecution

10.02.2014 08:17 by via PewForum Feed (


Slate: Can gay prison inmates get married now? Can they share a cell?

10.02.2014 08:16 by via PewForum Feed (


Economist: A voice crying in the wilderness

10.02.2014 08:15 by via PewForum Feed (


NYT: Camels had no business in Genesis

10.02.2014 07:13 by via PewForum Feed (


Gay Rights in the Former Soviet Republics

10.02.2014 06:40 by via PewForum Feed (

This map includes categories of major laws aimed at either restricting or protecting the LGBT community in the 15 countries that once made up Soviet Union. The five categories are not intended to be comprehensive. Click on the column headers to sort the table.


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The Call of the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps.
BeliefNet News


11.04.2014 12:07 by via Belief Net Feed (

The sky, water, sunlight, stars, clouds, the breeze on our face -- these are free gifts that God has put on this earth for all to enjoy. Crystalline Waters, original oil painting by Steve Henderson. Christians aren't supposed to freak out about money. Of course, Christians aren't supposed to freak...


Hobby Lobby Challenges the Supreme Court

03.04.2014 02:03 by via Belief Net Feed (

Hobby Lobby's attorneys argue that the law violates the company's constitutional right to religious freedom by enforcing the regulation that all forms of birth control be covered through insurance plans – or be fined.


Speak up, and Don't be Afraid

31.03.2014 12:43 by via Belief Net Feed (

Recently, I wrote a letter to the editor about an obscenely expensive, $20 million dollar bond our local school district is floating. As a veteran homeschooler who launched four highly literate, analytical, articulate adults into the world of work and home, I'm unconvinced that massive amounts of money,...


Same Sex Marriage:Young Republican Support Rises and Evangelical Push Back

27.03.2014 09:44 by via Belief Net Feed (

Are young conservatives turning the Republican view on same-sex marriage? What does this mean for the future of Evangelicals?


Why Panic Over Astrology?

24.03.2014 09:32 by via Belief Net Feed (

I am also a professional astrologer, and to a small subset of the general public, this makes me a kook or an idiot - despite my providing valuable guidance and insight to a lot of people who, by and large, are not kooks or idiots either.


"We Have Worms!"

14.03.2014 12:14 by via Belief Net Feed (

It's easy to be like a fish, swimming along until our attention is caught by something dangling in front of our face. Black Walnut Fish, handcarved wood sculpture by Jordan Henderson, at Steve Henderson Fine Art. I was on the last hour of a boring, four-hour drive when I passed one of those stores...


The Dalai Lama Refuses to Judge

13.03.2014 07:50 by via Belief Net Feed (

In past interviews and conversations, he has condemned bullying of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgendered individuals – noting that it was a violation of human rights.


Are American Christians Facing Persecution

11.03.2014 05:19 by via Belief Net Feed (

It’s worth thinking about why a worldwide news service would think such an obviously provocative image would be worth transmitting in a story about Christian children whose faith does not permit them to approve of homosexuality.


Why is the Pentagon honoring Sgt. Monk?

28.02.2014 09:24 by via Belief Net Feed (

Just weeks ago, they were doing their best to destroy his career after he went public about religious persecution in the U.S. Air Force.


Will your Social Security check be in the mail come 2015?

28.02.2014 07:37 by via Belief Net Feed (

A top economist says the trust fund for Baby Boomers has disappeared. But, there's something you can do!


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